“I love this app and 100% trust the science behind it. I've been macro counting for years, but this makes it so easy. It takes the guesswork out and allows me to just follow it.”
“I've tried it all and struggled with weight my whole life. With Carbon, I've lost 50 pounds and can see my abs for the first time. This app has changed my life.”

User testimonials

How Carbon has impacted lives and helped users achieve their health and fitness goals.
What experts are saying
“Carbon is an excellent app. I use it and suggest it often. It’s a powerful tool that incorporates key science-backed principles for effective weight management, offering guidance for weight loss, weight gain, and weight maintenance. I should point out that I do not receive any financial incentive from Carbon. I buy it because I really like it!”
Andrew Huberman, PhD
When I track macros, Carbon is my favorite app. It's intuitive, easy to use, and the database of foods is excellent. I especially love the coaching feature that calculates my nutritional needs and adjusts them based on my progress.
Peter Attia, MD
“In over a decade of knowing Layne Norton he has continued to be an exceptional scientist with incredible training. Without reservation I respect and refer my patients and followers to Layne for evidence based nutrition/health and training information.”
Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
“Layne Norton is among the best in the field in nutrition coaching. He blends scientific knowledge with years of practical experience to deliver cutting edge programs. It’s why he's at the top of my list when people ask me who to go to for nutritional advice.”
Brad Schoenfeld, PhD
“Few people have the combination of scientific and practical expertise that Dr. Norton possesses. Layne has an unmatched passion for health and fitness, especially for helping people hit their goals and solve their problems without being held to a particular style.”
Andy Galpin, PhD

User success stories

“With my busy days in the hospital, keeping my energy up with the right energy balance is important to me. The app still allows me to enjoy burgers and pizza in moderation.
I have lost 30-40 pounds since starting. The Carbon App has allowed me to feel free in eating and tracking while learning what my body can handle without gaining weight, a key factor!”
Kelly C
“This is a shout-out to Carbon! Who would have thought an app would finally kick my butt and get these results? 209 pounds to 167 pounds. Lots of work left, but mentally I’m there. Everything I’ve learned these past months, I wish I had the opportunity to learn sooner so my before photo never happened. Keep up the AMAZING work with this app, guys!”
Meghan A
“Carbon has absolutely changed both my wife and I's life. In my 20s, I'd work as hard as possible in the gym with no results because I wasn't educated on how fat loss worked regarding nutrition. I started using Carbon in my 30s, and with consistency, I started seeing drastic results. I specifically enjoy the level of flexibility Carbon allows. Complete game-changer and the key to long-term sustained weight loss.”
Oleg K
“I am no longer crippled with fear at the thought of eating bread or pasta. I no longer panic and cut calories/carbs at the slightest weight fluctuation. I no longer feel hungry all the time.
I am finally free.”
Maria M
“The Carbon app makes it so easy for me to set my goals and provide a plan for me to get there. I just follow the plan and it tracks my progress.
I’m down 20 pounds, sleeping better, and setting PRs on workouts I have been doing since 2008.
Feeling, looking, and performing my best at age 53!”
Tom R
“The most significant mindset change I've experienced using Carbon is that balance is achievable.
I always knew it was and heard "everything in moderation," but until this app, I didn't know how to truly implement that.
I'm changing the way I live so my kids can embrace food and health without a battle.”
Gabby E
“I’m almost 40 pounds down and have maintained it for nearly 10 months! I went from 205 pounds to 166 pounds using Carbon.
Every step has been much easier once I learned that all food is just food! Food guilt is gone.
I have learned how to trust my body and what macro distribution works for me.”
Cory C
“I started a “diet” basically every Monday for as long as I can remember. I was seriously contemplating the gastric sleeve but knew that if I could find a simple system, I could do it without surgery.
I took a leap of faith and tried Carbon. Fast forward one year, and I’m down 127 pounds (385 to 258).
The Carbon app is so easy to use. I forsee using it for a very long time. As I’ve said, this is a marathon, not a sprint. I’m finally enjoying the journey again after many years. Carbon has been a lifesaver.”
Chance A
“In 2020 something clicked in me. I decided I was going to take control of my life.
I joined Carbon and never looked back. Here I am in the second picture, almost 100 pounds down. The real win is I have my health and my life back!
For everyone out there at the first step, take it! Don’t wait until January 1st. Do it now. You will never regret it!”
Kaitlin C
“I've struggled with yo-yo dieting for over a decade since being diagnosed with epilepsy. I gained a ton of weight and had the most unhealthy relationship with food.
I found Carbon, and it has changed my entire life. Now, I see "dieting" and my relationship with food through HD goggles. At almost 40 years old, I am in the best mental and physical shape of my life,
and Carbon has had a lot to do with it. Thanks for everything you guys do! You guys are amazing!”
Matthew D
“I was reverse dieting with Carbon for almost 10 months, and in that time, I stayed the same weight and increased my calories by nearly 600! The whole experience for me was huge. I came from fasting and restricting for years, thinking I wasn’t losing weight because I just didn’t burn as much as the next person. I didn’t realize the damage I was doing. I was down to 1100 calories and obsessing about food.
Between starting strength training and using this app, I reclaimed my life and my mental health. I am now maintaining at 2100 calories and feel amazing.”
Gina L
“Carbon is not yet another cheesy and static nutrition app built on garbage information. It's a tool for honesty and reflection. Better than any other app I've ever used.
By tracking my food and macros, Carbon helps me answer two deeply challenging and personal food-related questions: 1) Am I acting like the person I want to become and 2) Am I being who I say I am? In a wasteland of nutrition misinformation and dangerous fads, the Carbon app tells me the truth. It helps me align my identity, my actions, and my goals in one easy-to-use platform.”
John D
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