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Discover what industry leaders are saying about Carbon: science-backed and powerful
Andrew Huberman, PhD
“Carbon is a powerful tool that incorporates key science-backed principles for effective weight management. I use it, suggest it often, and buy it because I really like it!”
Peter Attia, MD
“Carbon is my favorite app for tracking macros. I love the coaching feature that calculates my nutritional needs and adjusts them based on my progress.”
Bill Campbell, PhD
“Carbon will help millions of people benefit from a flexible dieting lifestyle. The expertise in formulating the macro adjustments will help you in your pursuit of the best physique for you.”

How it works


Set your goal

Take control of your diet. Choose from weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance, or reverse dieting. Each goal is built on the concepts of flexible dieting and energy balance.

Track your food

Track your diet with our easy-to-use food tracker which includes a large food database and the ability to create custom foods and recipes.

Check in

Our science-based coaching system analyzes your weekly progress and refines your nutrition targets to keep you progressing towards your goal.

Start your new life with us today

Finally a dieting approach that fits your lifestyle
No more off limit or bad foods
Flexible dieting at its finest. Reach your goals while eating the foods you enjoy.
Lose weight and finally keep it off
Tired of yo-yo dieting? Learn a proven approach to keep your results for good.
Diet types that fit your preference
Like to eat balanced? Low carb? Low fat? Plant-based? Keto? We have you covered.

Built by smart people

The Carbon coaching system was crafted by leading experts in nutrition science.
Layne Norton, PhD
PhD Nutritional Sciences with Honors
World renowned coach for over 1700 clients since 2005
Author of critically acclaimed book ‘Fat Loss Forever’
Keith Kraker, RD
BS Nutrition & Dietetics
Registered Dietitian
Coached hundreds of clients since 2015

What people are saying about Carbon

“For years and years, I tried every diet there was and was never able to lose weight or keep it off.
I never understood the concepts, the science, and that it was so simple. I'm down 83 pounds. This journey wouldn't have been possible without Carbon Diet Coach and the tools they provide.”
Mahmood A
“It feels strange calling this an app because it minimizes it.
It’s a science-based program, a way of life, a community, and education.
I realized that once you change your mindset, you will change yourself and begin to understand what it all means and how to do it in a healthy way.”
Alyssa S
“I just turned 40 and have been morbidly obese for about 12 years. I had resigned myself to dying of some obesity-related disease because I thought I was incapable of losing weight.
I'm down 85 pounds, have been in the gym lifting weights for the first time, all of my biomarkers are in the healthy range, and I feel like I can do ANYTHING!”
Sandra G

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